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Counseling Services for Couples & Individuals

You're probably here because you feel stuck

Perhaps you're in a relationship that doesn't feel healthy or satisfying anymore. Arguments have even become scary or unsafe. You love each other but you don't know how to make it work together. Or maybe you just want to make sure your relationship is as connected and meaningful as it could be.

You might be here because stress or sadness have become permanent features in your life and you're not sure you even know how to relax or feel happy again. Every day activities like chores around the house or hanging out with friends feel like mountains to climb. You're always worried that you might embarrass yourself and that something awful is going to happen, or you just want to crawl in bed and hide.

Maybe you've realized that drugs or alcohol have become a problem for you because someone you care about is angry or concerned, or you know you've made too many mistakes. You're noticing issues with work or taking care of things around the house, you're forgetting how to have a good time without getting high or buzzed, or your use is leading to some serious health concerns.

You could be struggling with impulsive behaviors like overspending or angrily lashing out at people you love. You do things that feel so right in the moment but always have painful consequences in hindsight. The people around you sometimes don't even recognize who you are and it seems like little parts of your life keep chipping away.

I'm here to provide a safe space for self-discovery and guidance up the path to happiness and freedom

The truth is I've been there too. I've seen a canyon carved out between the person I love and felt the bitterness of saying things I'll always regret. I've been plagued by excessive worries and self analysis. I've chosen short term gratification over long term wellbeing and suffered the consequences. I've shut down and tried to shut the whole world out. I know firsthand the power of the skills and insight that good therapy can provide. I find great fulfillment in sharing this with other people and being a part of their journey not just to recovery but to a life worth living. I offer compassion, understanding, and expertise. I will help you develop new habits that are proven to increase calm, joy, self control, and loving connection with others. Together we can create your own unique map to living your life in accordance with what you value most.

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