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Gottman Method Couples Therapy

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The Gottman Method approach starts with a thorough assessment of your relationship which involves an interview with both partners together, separate interviews with each partner, and the Gottman Relationship Checkup. Within just a few weeks, this assessment process gathers information that would take months otherwise. Then we have a feedback session in which I distill all of this information for you in a practical way. You may be surprised by just how much you learn about your own relationship.

Treatment Planning

The next step is collaborating on the Gottman treatment plan which identifies the strengths and challenges in the relationship. This involves all seven levels of the Sound Relationship House as well as the walls of trust and commitment. The treatment plan includes any complexities involved, the problems that you as the couple came in for, and the goals for improvement. This provides a clear, solid foundation for all of the work we do together. 

What does a typical couples session look like?

 The most important part is addressing the problems that you are focused on as a couple. Sometimes this means a lot of talking things through together. Gottman therapy provides different processes for different types of conversations but the point of all of them is to make sure you are both heard and understood. I will likely interrupt at times to ensure conversations are conducted in a healthier way instead of watching you repeat the same old unhealthy communication patterns. You will also learn how to engage in disagreements without using the 4 behaviors that are the greatest predictors of break up: stonewalling, criticism, contempt, and defensiveness. My primary purpose is to facilitate the conversations you have together rather than insert myself into them. My other purpose is to help you learn from the vast amount of research the Gottmans have compiled so you can have the most fulfilling relationship possible. 

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